“Like a candle, may your life radiate a glow that not only brightens your path but also sparks warmth in the hearts of those you encounter.”


Purity in Perfumery

Join us on a journey of the senses where each flame embodies the enchantment of boundless unity. These candles pay tribute to the beauty found in our unique differences. When you choose COALESCE Candles, you’re not just selecting a product – you’re celebrating diversity and empowering the strength that emerges from our togetherness. Let your light mingle with others, sparking a vibrant mosaic of shared experiences and genuine harmony.

Let COALESCE Candles awaken your senses and evoke emotions of comfort, joy, and fulfillment, enriching every moment with a lingering essence of beauty and delight.

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You can experience COALESCE Candles at THE GIFT BOX in Elizabethtown, KY!

Illuminate hearts and support the mission of JT’s Way with our candles, exclusively available at THE GIFT BOX in Elizabethtown, KY! 

Each purchase of our artisan-crafted candles not only brings warmth and ambiance to your space but also contributes to the impactful work of JT’s Way. 

JT’s Way, a Christ-centered non-profit organization, is committed to assisting families during the difficult journey of losing a child. Your decision to choose our candles at THE GIFT BOX helps further this mission, offering financial aid and connecting families with vital resources such as grief counseling and parent/sibling groups.

Step into THE GIFT BOX, immerse yourself in the magic of COALESCE Candles, and unite your support with JT’s Way. Let each flicker of light symbolize hope, healing, and the power of coming together.  #UniteWithCandles #SupportJT’sWay #LightingHearts


107 North Mantle Avenue

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone: 270-984-7008




Join the Movement, Ignite Unity.

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